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Ramblings of a flaneur Arash fayez at Silkroad Gallery


Ramblings of a Flaneur poster by Rambod Vala

Ramblings of a Flaneur
Photo exhibition  by Arash Fayez
Opening: Friday, May 27, 2011 – 4:00 to 8:00

28 May to 13 June Sat. to Wed From 3:00 to7:00 pm
Thur. from 5:00 to 8:00 pm – Closed on Friday and public holidays
103, Lavasani (Farmanieh)St., Tehran Tell:22727010

Ramblings of a flâneur
A flâneur is an urban, post-industrial phenomenon. The city is where he dwells and the act of roaming is itself his objective. What is brought about, as such, is less important than the peripatetic exercise. By extension, a flâneur lays no claim to discovery. She is autistic, suspended in cacophonous space, under the sway of a diverse regime of signs that she is unable/unwilling to compile or process. Thus, his act is suffused with randomness, of a kind that makes certainty about signs and events impossible. This lack of certainty is indeed the fulcrum on which the above-mentioned relationship with the general public rests. He offers to view that which doesn’t require interpretation, doesn’t bring surety and must be taken at face value.

Arash Fayez’s use of the word in this exhibit is both true-to-form and paradoxical. As viewers of his (fake or real) Polaroid images, we relate to them on a simple plane of understanding and association. Some hint at nostalgia, especially the “real” (old bookstore fronts, abandoned movie houses, forsaken confectionary shop, old municipal markers, etc.). Others frame simple humorous moments (the wall drawing of a dove perched over the wreath of flowers highlighting the word “Iran” in the middle, the graffiti depicting a smiling young boy with the letters BBC added later by another graffitist, the meddling with municipal wall paintings, a sheep on the back of a van on a quiet street, etc.). No matter how we see them, however, these images tell a simple story, one that doesn’t require erudition to unscramble.

Arash Fayez Translated by Sohrab Mahdavi
1 I had come across the word Flâneur in a collection of Mehran Mohajer, a word that Charles Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin and thenmany others used to propound their theories.

Friday Feb. 25th 2011 in Galleries Across Tehran

The Doll, Group Exhibition Poster designed by Studio Kargah
The Doll, Group Exhibition Poster designed by Studio Kargah

Shirin Art Gallery hosts Group Exhibition ” The Doll” curated by Behnam Kamrani  from Feb. 25th 2011 From 16-20,the show will be on view through March 9th 2011 and the visiting hours is 11-20 except Mondays. Show includes works by along  list of names from the stars to upcoming artists, so let’s wait and see what is has to reveal for Tehranis’ Gallery hoppers!  For more info and the address click here.

Suddenly, Nothing Happened Poster Designed by Behrad Javanbakht

This Friday Masoumeh Bakhtiary’s latest solo show” Suddenly, Nothing happened” opens at Azad art Gallery, 4-8 PM.
It will continue till March the 2nd,2011 .The address for the ones who still don’t know it by heart, is No. 5 , Salmas Sq., Golha Sq ., Fatemi Sq. Tehran 14317 – Iran.

Seyfollah Samadian at Tassvir Magazine headquarters

Seyfollah Samadian is the man behind the “Image of the year” the annual magazine and the biggest visual art event of the year in town, it gathers individuals from documentary to fine art photography and from cartoon to Graphic design “Image of the year” opens this Saturday with one more delay due to some irregularities at Iranian artist forum although it was supposed to open on Friday, that’s why we include it in our Friday preview. Click for more we hope that soon they will finish their website and put some of the treasure archive they’ve got somewhere online! According to Iranian artists’ forum the festival goes on till 13th of march. Iran Artists Forum is located at  Honar Garden, Mosavi St, Taleghani Ave., Tehran, IRAN.

Barbad Golshiri at Aaran Art Gallery

“And I Regurgitate And I Gulp It Down ”
Barbad Golshiri‘s Solo Show Opens at Aaran Gallery Tehran on 21st January 2011.

“ Aktion “
“ Aktion “. ( Distribution of…). C.Print.31x47 cm. photograph by Olka Hedayat.

In a deserted place in Iran there is a not very tall stone tower that has neither door nor window. In the only room (with a dirt floor and shaped like a circle ) there is a wooden table and a bench. In that circular cell , a man who looks like me is writing in letters I cannot understand. A long poem about a man who in another circular cell is writing a poem about a man who in another cell…
The process never ends and no one will be able to read what the prisoners write.
Jorge Luis Borges.

“A Dream”, The New Yorker,

AAran Art Gallery. Tehran.
No 12 dey street. North Kheradmand ave.
Tel +9821 88829086- 9

TELEVISION at Mohsen art Gallery

Television Groupe exhibition
Television Groupe exhibition, Designed by Aria Kasaei

Mohsen Art Gallery
Curated by Peyman Shefiezadeh
Omid Mehdizadeh, Iman Safaie, Nastaran Safaie, Peyman Shafieezadeh, Vahid Danaifar, Mehran Mohajer, Safaeddin Emami, Yaser Mirzaee, Amin Davaie, Hamed Rashtian, Sohrab M.Kashani, Babak Kazemi, Farshid Tafaroji, Amirhossein Biparva, Amirali Ghasemi, Mohammad Fatehi, Mahmood Nouraie, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh
Jan 14 – 24 2011, 4-8 pm
discussion panel: Jan 24th, 6-8 pm
Gallery is closed on Thursdays.

From the Exhibition Catalog:

The initial idea of this exhibition came into my mind when I looked at the well-known art work of pop art er titled “Just what is it that makes today’s home so different, so appealing?” by Richard Hamilton. I asked the same question from myself and the answer to this contemplation was Media. The common indicator of all the media is Television which undoubtedly almost all the people of the world deal with it by some means.

Television, as the most powerful medium, is considered as the common language of people all over the world. After a little consideration we cloud conclude that this little but impressive box has occupied our mind with too many patterns and samples so we are not able to connect with the real world anymore. This magic box dominates every small or big decision of ours, so avoiding it, means to evade the whole world and its people.
This collection attempts to acquaint us more with this old member of the family, so maybe this crack on its body cloud reveal the inner reality of it.

Peyman Shafieezadeh

Mohsen Art Gallery
Address: No. 42, East Mina Blvd, Farzan Street, Naji Street, Zafar, Tehran
Telephone: 22255354

SAROSEDA Workshops/Live Performances at Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran

Interdisciplinary workshops and audiovisual performances
Saroseda | Interdisciplinary workshops and audiovisual performances

Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran. Monday August 2nd -6th, 2010.

SAROSEDA is a creative initiative which is trying to make new sonic and visual projects by using robotic technology , interactive environments and A/V programming languages.
Saroseda by different pose to mainstream tries to reach new forms in Iranian Maghami and Radif music with the use of western technology instead of western art (Fusion).Saroseda is trying to introduce and expand the new methods in Audio and Visual Processing to create interactive projects and reach a new way to collaborate between Visual Art, Sound Installations and Time-Based Media. Saroseda is going to feature computer usage as an instrument in these performances to jam and improvise alongside acoustic players and focus on workshops of demonstrating live audio/video processing with language programming softwares.

SAROSEDA is Sponsored by Mohsen art Gallery and realized in collaboration with parkingallery and Arman Studio.

PATTERNS, Nazgol Ansarinia at Aun Art Gallery

Nazgol Ansarinia’s Solo Show at Aun Art Gallery

Patterns by Nazgol Ansarinia
Patterns by Nazgol Ansarinia, Aun Art Gallery

Fri, 28 May 2010 – Fri, 18 Jun 2010

Click here to see the works on Aun Art Gallery webiste

The exhibition “Patterns” consists of works from two series Ansarinia has been working on for the past three years; Nonflammable, Non-stick, Non-stain  from 2009-2010 and Patterns from 2007-2009. These works are shown together because, according to the artist, there are enough similarities and differences between them that makes them complimentary to each other.

In a way both series are based on finding ways to insert information and further meaning onto objects already familiar and perhaps overlooked. The work series Patterns uses the Persian carpet as an everyday object to do so. This collection of drawings inspired by the familiar images and experiences of life in Iran plays with the visual potentials of this wold-recognised object/image. While the main subjects are contemporary, the drawings retain the structure of carpets and combine new images with the original patterns. These new patterns are therefore familiar in terms of their form but convey very different meanings to that of their origin.

In Nonflammable, Non-stick, Non-stain, the objects used and the subject matter are again both based on mundanities, but this time the method for their combination is less apparent, or in other words it is more abstract or coded. The plastic sofreh or table cloth is an unremarkable object found in most Iranian homes but sofreh in its literal sense is also a metaphor for one’s economic status in Iranian culture. Playing with the literal meaning and its actual functionality, sofreh is used as a medium to carry data about the repetitious subject of daily expenses. Visually manipulating the original decorative patterns of the plastic tablecloths, statistical reports of daily expenses are inserted onto these everyday used objects. The method of building a system by relating numerical values to visuals is not unlike the way visuals are used in representing statistics in different fields of science. However the purpose of these visual charts is not to simplify data, but for them to morph into common patterns.

TWELVE CUBED, Group Installation at Aun Art Gallery

The Chair and the Cube by Amirali Ghasemi, 2009 - Photo by Hamid Eskandari
Twelve Cubed, group installation at Aun Art Gallery
Aun Art Gallery
12 artists, 12 Chairs and 12 Cubes
Nazgol Ansarinia,Behrou Bagheri, Ala Dehghan, Amirali Ghasemi,
Mohamad Hamzeh, Farid Jahangir, Bahman Kiarostami, Shohreh Mehran,
Farshid Mesghali, Houman Mortazavi, Atila Pesyani, Myriam Quiel
Opening: Friday 21 May 2010, from 16:00 to 20:00
End: 26 May 2010, 20:00
Visiting Hours Saturday to Wednesday 11:00 to 20:00

12³ is an unusual art project involving a relentless organizer, a furniture designer, a pioneering group of artists and a galley-as-playground. Each artist was given a chair and a cube to work on, and challenged to think of them as blank canvases. Individually, the pieces reflect each artist’s take on the challenge; together, they tell a short story of a time-specific cooperation. Trans-generational – from celebrated figures to the new generation of Iranian artists – the project reveals the creativity that emerges when art is looked at as a game.
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Obligatory Military Service at Mohsen Art Gallery

Obligatory Military Service at Mohsen Art Gallery
Obligatory Military Service at Mohsen Art Gallery

Obligatory Military Service
Mohsen Art Gallery
curated by Farid Jafari Samarghandi
Opening Friday 14th May 2010 from 4 to 8 pm.
The exhibition continues till Wed. 26thMay.
Visting Hours: 4 to 8 pm

Discussion Panel: Mon. 17th May 2010 from 6 to 8 pm

Performances titled ‘Public Duty’ by Amir Mobed and ‘ Feast ‘ by Ali Zanjani on Friday 14th May 2010.

Artists:, Ali Ettehad, Saba Alizadeh, Mehrdad Afsari, Pooya Abbasian, Amir-hossein Bayani, Safeddin Emami, Babak Kazemi , Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Shaadi Ghadirian, KLT Group , Afra Nobahar, Farrokh Norooni, Amir Mobed, Meysam Mahfouz, Solmaz Panahi, Homayoun Sirizi, Rasul Soltani, Peyman Shafieezadeh, Shamim Shahramnia, Iman Safaei, Nastaran Safaei, Ali Zanjani, Amir- hossein Zanjani
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A colorful day at Iranian Artist Forum

A Colorful day , poster by Behrad Javanbakht and Shahab Ashtari
A Colorful day , poster by Behrad Javanbakht and Shahab Ashtari

Rang online magazine is holding an exhibition of Iranian graphic designers’ artworks named “A colorful day” on the occasion of “world Graphic’s Day”, in continuation of its outside the scope of web activities.
In this exhibition which starts on May 8 at the Iranian Artists’ Forum, Momayez gallery, a selection of 42 graphic designers’ artworks from different generations will be on display. Also a catalogue containing the artworks presented in this exhibition, has been published by Roshanan publications which will be released and distributed on the opening day of this event .
“A colorful day” exhibition will be held until May 13.
Viewers can visit the exhibition every day from 10 am to 8pm.
This event is being held and organized in cooperation with Avajang ICT Group, Maryam Soft, Nafar group, Datis print and graphics and Roshanan publications.
Cassra Abedini,Majid abbasi, Morteza Akouchakian, Farzad Adibi, Tahamtan Aminian, Reza Alavi, Mostafa Asadollahi, Shahab Ashtari, Alireza Anoushfar, Ali Afsarpour, Ali Bakhshi, Sadegh Barirani, ,Homa Delvaray, Vahid Erfanian, Maryam Enayati, Siavash Fani, Farhad Fozouni, Amir ali Ghasemi, Amir hossein ghouchibeyk, Ebrahim Haghighi, Behrad Javanbakht, Damoon khanjanzadeh, Mohammad khoda shenas , Arya kasaei, Houman Mortazavi, Tahereh Mohebi Taban, Morteza Mahalati, Saed Meshki, Alireza Mostafazadeh, Leila Miri, Hadi Nasiri, Mani Nilchiani, Kourosh Parsa nejad, Maryam Palizgir, Peyman Pourhossein, Parisa Tashakori, Shahab Tondar, Arash Tanhayi, Pedram harbi, Ehsan Rezvani, Mehdi saeedi, Ghobad shiva, Iman Safaei, Mehran Zamani

The exhibition’s Poster design by: Behrad Javanbakht, Shahab Ashtari