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Video-therapy, Session one: Recovery / one day screening at At Pratt, NYC

Video-therapy, Session one : RECOVERY - poster designed by Parkingallery studio
Programmed by Shahpour Pouyan (NYC) and Amirali Ghasemi (TEHRAN) from Parkingallery’s video archive “Video-therapy, Session one : Recovery” is an hour long video program which will be played in loop. The program features works by international artists living in Iran, United States, France, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Malaysia and India .
Mehraneh Atashi | Ghazaleh Bahiraie | Amir Bastan | Friederike Berat | Golnaz Esmaili | Anahita Hekmat | Junichiro Ishii | Gelare Khoshgozaran | Shahrzad Malekian | Macklen Mayse | Golrokh Nafisi | Tara Najd Ahmadi | Dhanya Pilo | Bita Razavi and Jaakko Karhunen | Judith Shimer | Melanie Schlachter | Rambod Vala and Neda Razavipour
Time and Date: Nov 9th, 2012, 5-9 pm
Location: Stueben Gallery at Juliana Curran building,
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, 11205

“John Cage is happening” 12 performances at East Art Gallery Tehran

John Cage is one of the most influential artists in various fields of arts in the twentieth and the present century. Who he was, what he has done and his place in art history is no secret to art lovers, although we should mention that the fifth of September 2012(14th Shahrivar 1391) is the centenary of his birthday and a good excuse for events all over the world taking place in his honour. It is also the reason for “John Cage is happening”. This project is based on a book called “Song Books” which was published in 1970.It is a collection of ninety instructions for music, performance, movement, etc. in three volumes. In this book, Cage experiments with various innovative ideas and different objects. The audience of these pieces is as active as the artist in the process of realisation of the artwork while experiencing transformation in the conventional definitions of the functions of everyday elements. At the same time, Cage creates a platform in which the artist is not the predominant creator and the determiner who is obeying ordinary rules but, with attention to the characteristics of the elements in hand, he establishes regulations for creating a specific structure in which the artistic happening occurs. “John Cage is happening” is a collection of 12 performances based on “Song books” created by 18 artists. Some of the performances are based on one piece, some are based on a few and some are inspired by John Cage’s general idea in this book.
Pouya Ehsaei & Amir Rad

On (photo) paper, Without Name at parkingallery projects

On (photo) paper, Without Name, poster designed by Amirali Ghasemi

On (photo) paper, Without Name is parkingallery’s 2nd group show based on an open call and the anonymity of the participants … this time after the first successful show, On paper, Without Name, which happened in Nov 2011. the exhibition is dedicated to photography. Participants were asked to submit a 30×45 cm photograph each. they are also encouraged to swap their images and the prices were kept fixed and at an affordable rate of only 25 euros. The show opened on Thursday 15th of March 2012 and will be on for two weeks by appointment.
Please write to or call +9821 88977343 to book.
Other calls will be published in the near future for upcoming projects … so stay tuned, and Happy New Iranian Year to Everybody.

Here…, There…, Niloufar Banisadr’s photographs at Etemad Gallery-Tehran

Niloufar Banisadr, Untitled from “There” series, digital photography, inkjet print, polyptych of twelve panels (Detail), overall: 130×140 cm, editions of five, 2012 Courtesy of the Artist.

This Friday at Etemad Gallery Niloufar Banisadr shows her recent photographs : There… Paris, 2009-2011. Here… Tehran, 2009-2012. The show opens on Friday march 2nd, 2012 from 3 pm to 8 pm. and will continue till march 13. and the gallery is Closed on Mondays.
Artist talk : Niloufar Banisadr reviews her recent works Here…, There… and answers related questions, on Wednesday 7th March, 2012 (17th Esfand 1390) from 4:00- 6:00 pm at Etemad Gallery. Since space is limited, please book your place in advance.
Niloufar Banisadr was born in Iran in 1973. She has studied photography both in Iran and France. At the time being she lives in Paris and teaches photography in Spéos Photography Institute.

Etemad Gallery
No 4 boukan St, Sadeghi -e-Ghomi St, Yaser Sq, Bahonar St, Tehran-Iran , tel: +9821 2272 4442

Friday Update: Haleh Anvari at AAran Gallery and Mahmoud Bakhshi at Etemad Gallery – Tehran
Blue-jewels by Sara Dolatabadi, Image courtesy of

We’re gonna have a busy Friday ahead, packed with solo shows from established artists whom are known internationally in Private and public. Tt seems that group shows are kept for a bit later early march and the last days before Iranian new year: Apart from Negar Farjiani’s UNDO at Newly opened space Sazmanab and Sara Doulatabadi‘s Silent Blue at Mohsen Gallery and a group drawing show from 4 promising young artists at Siin Gallery, which are on our must-see list, these are the highlights of tomorrow:

Haleh Anvari “ Bar-Baad “. 16x16 mm (Dices)

Haleh Anvari’s “Beautiful Plateau” (ZIBADASHT) is on view on AAran Gallery from Tomorrow 17th February for two weeks, and as its taglin says, features Anvari’s latest video and installation works. The show also includes a 60 piece postcard pack of her photographs titled “Beautiful Plateau”.
The exhibition will end on 07th of March. AAran Art Gallery. Tehran. No 12 dey street. North Kheradmand ave. Tel +9821 88829086- 9

invitation card of "Recycle" by Mahmoud Bakhshi

“Recycle” is latest solo show by Mahmoud Bakhshi at Etemad Gallery – Tehran  also unveals on Friday Feb. 17, 2012. the show is curated by Mamali Shafahi

Following on from a previous exhibition, Engaged Artist at The Saatchi Gallery London, Recycle brings together previous works and a new installation by Iranian artist, Mahmoud Bakhshi. This solo exhibition concentrates on the new wave of popularity of artists and their role in contemporary society.

The main inspiration for Mahmoud Bakhshi’s works comes from political and social issues in Iran, which he sets up as propositions in his extensive practice of sculpture, mixed media, film and paintings. Bakhshi invites the viewer to seek answers in his works, as he makes connections between present and past histories of his country. Bakhshi’s works are investigations that are highly informed and experiential.

Bakhshi was born on 1977 in Tehran, Iran. Mahmoud Bakhshi has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Barbican, London, Museum of New Art, Freiburg, Auckland Triennial and Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris. His works are part of the Tate Modern, Devi art Foundation and other private collections.
For more detail and the address click here

UNDO – Negar Farajiani at Sazmanab Projects

Sazmanab Projects hosts the latest solo show by Negar Farajiani from
February 17 to February 23, 4-8pm, The Opening reception is on Friday, February 17 – 4-8pm.
For Address and Map Click here

Image courtesy Negar Farajiani, UNDO, 2012 (detail, edited)
Image courtesy Negar Farajiani, UNDO, 2012 (detail, edited)

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Admission is free!

RSVP required. RSVP at

Sazmanab Project is a non-profit project space in Tehran initiated by artist/curator Sohrab Kashani. Sazmanab Project organizes exhibitions, events, talks and workshops, runs projects and makes collaborations on projects initiated by other project spaces and artist initiatives. Sazmanab Project is comprised of an exhibition space, a studio, a library and a cafe that hosts Sazmanab’s walk-by cinema, a platform that showcases videos and special programs.

Slow Decay | Gohar Dashti at Silk Road Gallery

From Serie Slow Decay by Gohar Dashti
From Serie Slow Decay by Gohar Dashti

Gohar Dashti’s Slow Decay will be on view on at Silk Road Gallery from Friday September 30, 2011 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM, Slow Decay is the latest exhibition of Dashti which includes photography and video and will be on view till 18th of Oct,2011 (Sat. to Wed. from 3:00  to 7:00 pm and Thur. from 5:00 to 8:00 pm ) Gallery is closed on Friday and public holidays.

As much as our lives today have been disassociated from its surrounding environment, yet involuntarily, it is directly influenced by it.

The shots have captured the cruel moments of misery and fatigue, though are not expressive of a certain event in time or place. They explore the depths of the collective memory of a people whom have for generations suffered silently and tolerated much torment. The agony of which little by little has enwrapped their souls, much like a disease with which bit by bit disintegrates their body.
These pictures tell a tale of what is still left inside to say. Tales of which, others have no interest to listen to.

Gohar Dashti /2010

Junction Box | 13 International Artists in Tehran | Mohsen Gallery, Atbin Gallery and Parking Projects

Junction Box
13 International Artists in Tehran
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran
Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran, Poster Designed by Homa Delvarai
Anke Schuettler | Emanuele Rodo | Matteo Rovesciato | Youmna Chlala | Jeanno Gaussi | Cem Kaya | Melanie Schlachter | Cedric Bomford  | Junichiro Ishii  | Wolfram Hann | Friederike Berat | Gisa Schraml
| Nicolas Wiese
When you open a junction box’s cover, you might face a complex combination of wires, panels and electronic boards which you have no immediate idea about, especially if your electrician wasn’t very organized and tasteful. You will see buttons and fuses, to turn on and off a part of a system or all of it as a whole… few of those also might leave you in the dark, as they are also switching off the right above your head. Turning on your flashlight, what can seen at a glance is that there a high amount of energy circuits around ane each wire branches and may lead us to far away, many kilometers away…
But all and all are here in front of us, they pass through this very box, a slice of now. Incomparable to any other Junction box. What’s important in understanding this crucial moment is to remove the cover of the box in Tehran to look inside.
13 artists who took part in this independent exhibition, each share their unique experience, from poetry and film-making to kick boxing and from carpentry to graphic design performance and sound installation.
This time in Tehran, there was an attempt to transfer something ‌meaningful beyond the “cut” and “paste” routine, to tickle the viewer curiosity while staying away from being exotic and typical. Most of the works are being shown for the 1st time and/or specially has been created for this show. Choosing two alternative professional gallery spaces and one experimental project space suites that purpose, to a great degree. Amirali Ghasemi/ August 2011

Poster and invitation card designed by Homa Delvaray
Catalogue designed by Kianoush Tanha 
Parking Projects

No. 1, Fourth Milad Alley, Milad St. Dadman Blvd. Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran
Tel: 88579726
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 3-7 pm

Mohsen Gallery
No 42, Mina Blvd. Nurbakhsh St. Farzan Alley, Naji Alley, Zafar(Dastgerdi) Ave. Modarres Highway, Tehran.
Tel: +9821 2225 5354
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 4-8 pm
Atbin Art Gallery
No .42, Khakzad st. Touraj st. Valisar Ave. (Parkway Crossing)
Tel: +98 21 26210395
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 5-9 pm

VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari’s exhibition at Atbin art Gallery

VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari at Atbin art Gallery
VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari at Atbin art Gallery

An exhibition by Jalaladeen Anvari

June 10 -14, 2011; 5-9 PM
Out of hours visits are possible by appointment.

(No .42, Khakzad st. Touraj st. Valisar Ave. (Parkway Crossing
Tel: +98 21 26210395


Jalaladeen Anvari’s latest project, Vacuum (Tohigi in Persian), touches upon many critical issues like Identity, Histori(es) and our Iranian legendary oblivion. He carefully juxtaposes various mediums, from text to archaeological imagery, tourist pictures and documentary photography in addition to his sculptural installation; a model version of one of our most talked about historical monuments, which camouflages in an ironic manner, a timed bubble maker machine.

Although Anvari doesn’t tend to force us, into a pre-imagined conclusion either toward blaming ourselves for being too conceited, or necessarily pushing us to obtain a sarcastic point of view of the past. He neutrally shows us about how our cultural heritage remains as a façade while the sites are being visited frequently. As if we are developing a habit, which praises our sense of patriotism without paying attention to the meaning of ignorantly practicing this often-empty ritual. Exposing a shell, which has remained from our understanding of histories. and at the same time he playfully invite us to re-think our identity in the short while before its bubble burst.
Amirali Ghasemi. June 2011


Benevolent Presence of Mikaeil Rahmani at Siin gallery,Tehran

Benevolent-Presence حضور خوشخیم
Benevolent-Presence حضور خوشخیم

Siin Art Gallery hosts Mikaeil Rahmani’s exhibition Benevolent Presence, from 27th of may to June 11th, 2011 3-7 pm except Thursdays. the gallery will be closed on June 2nd to 5th due to the public holidays.

Opening night: Friday May 27th, 2011, 4-8 pm
Poster is designed by Foad Sharifi

Mikaeel-Rahmani from Benevolent-Presence Serie
Mikaeel-Rahmani from Benevolent-Presence Serie

Siin gallery :
No 16,  12th St, South Pirouzan Ave, Hormozan Ave, Shahrak Gharb,Tehran
Tel: +98 21 88376623