Di-Gi-Zoorkhooone : Semco Salehi at Siin Gallery

Video installation by Semco Salehi
Opening night : Friday, July 30th 2010,4pm to 8 pm
Exhibition will be continued till 13th August 2010. 3pm to 7 pm
The Gallery is closed on Thursday

Digi-zoorkhaneh Installation view at Siin Gallery, Tehran
Digi-zoorkhaneh Installation view at Siin Gallery, Tehran
Digi-zoorkhaneh Installation view at Siin Gallery, Tehran
Digi-zoorkhaneh Installation view at Siin Gallery, Tehran

A notes on the sideline of the “Semco Salehi’s Exhibition

Nader Fatourehchi

This short written is a sorrowful recollection of (not talking about real pain) reminding our representation and desire to recreation of a context and image in the style of luxury journals or publications come from Toscana, Cannes, or Berlin, and not Tehran, narrow shameless city known as a city of “sun and brawls”.

As if we are in extreme pitiable condition we obliged not to write or represent, and pretend or even think about our pains and grieves. We are supposed to write and represent that we are in the far fetching point of the real subject of ours. Our audience too, is ,as if ,the same watcher of “Arte” T.V. which in our language is in tune with “castrated” word: barrenness, sterility , cultural program / commodity about masterpieces like the painting “Liberty Leading the People” painted by Delacroix , where ,there is necessary to borrow a thousand word/Image interpreting it : The style of following the woman’s dress or the number of colorings used in painting and not feeling the painter’s feeling under the domination of Jacobean terror or falling the dictatorship under the power of revolution.

more shallow and hallow examples are the numerous Exhibition /gallery /performances shown under the name of “untitled” which are not more than few Photoshop plays, representing extreme poverty of artistic creativity in the city of “sun and brawl”: the mere and sheer way of emptiness – and certainly covered it ; easy ways of hiding the creativity, lack of creative thinking and feeling the depth of loneliness.

But, still under the domination of images and visual arts, I assume critique goes on trough writing in its eternal relation we thinking; and this is the most difficult task of Man, or as Becket sees the only honorable way of sympathize with and mock the World; a way that a slum dwellers straggles against images; an attempt to reveal antagonistic dimension of deeply distorted Truth, which is full of tension and stress hidden under decorated, painted artistic images.

In addition, what about this exhibition:

From the era of colonialism domination and its looking to native people as a laboratory/scientific subject through founding institutions of Eastern or African Studies in the academic centers, the gallery / sale centers, too, did welcome our clever native people.

And now this multimedia exhibition of Di-Gi Zorkhooneh , though not able to free herself from petty-bourgeoisie cultural tendency of salvation, but we can, maybe, find in it an unconscious mocking of old and rotten cliché of Golden Era- or at least some clues of it. This happens in the light or maybe in the shadow of Lacanian “looking awry” which, perhaps coincidentally, calls and invites customers/audiences. Artist’s tendency using Pahlevan Takhti, as a symbol in order to reflect that period directly against nowadays body-builder athletics through protein injection, and: catastrophe is really here ! which reflect its social encounter; parallel of physical domination, training the bodies help to accumulate capital through domination of bodies more exploitation of them according to physical-political-laboratory measures. This is, as if ,our bodies are at the service of various different increasing protein solutions; these are our bodies which are performed and exhibited, and this is the same challenge/encounter you find in Semco`s Exhibition.

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