Three Minutes of Headless Life at Azad Art Gallery – Tehran


The great news is Tara Ahmadi is in town, for those in Tehran don’t miss her show at Azad Gallery, opening Today.
Three Minutes of Headless Life | June 20-25, 2014  | 4-8pm

Three Minutes of Headless Life is a video screening, which is comprised of three pieces with concerns about culinary consumption of the cultural products. Productive Frustration III, Gut Theory and Measuring the Level of Resistance all focus on the moment that art morphs into digestible commodities for the society of spectacle. The Lebanese-Canadian artist, Jayce Salloum, addresses the artist’s everyday struggle with such exasperating tension as a “productive frustration”. Combining different mediums such as stop-motion animation, 16mm film, HD video, still image and voiceover, Three Minutes of Headless Life hinges upon the ups and downs of remaining productive in a frustrating cultural moment. The title is also an homage to the standard length of the soon-to-be-out-of-market 16mm film roll, which is three minutes.

Tara Najd Ahmadi

Productive Frustration III-2012: 3 min

Measuring the Level of Resistance-2011: 4 min

Gut Theory-2011: 5 min