Everyday Chamber of Miracles at Parkingallery projects, Tehran

A one day event in Parkingallery
Everyday Chamber of Miracles | اطاق معجزات هرروزه | Alltagskammer is a collective efforts between artists based in Tehran and Berlin and is a result of 4 year collaboration between Parkingallery Projects – Tehran and Villa Kuriosum .
alltagskammer01 alltagskammer02 alltagskammer03 alltagskammer04 alltagskammer05

Since the late Renaissance “Wunderkammer” means a collection of curiosities representing the world:
Stuffed animals, weird weapons, exotic souvenirs and unique early auto-mats were presented in one room for deep astonishment of all visitors. – “Things never seen before” became the contemporary replacement of the classical miracle.
– Different to those (Art)Chambers of a few aristocrats or extremely rich people the collection of our association follows a different line: We believe that the “real” miracle only can be found in everyday life! (That’s why we call it”Alltagskammer”)
– As ambassadors of”Alltagskammer” we want to present you a “travelers – collection” of curiosities from our house in Berlin – Lichtenberg and hope you will enjoy the installation!
( “… ’cause nothing can be more exotic than reality!” )

Friederike Berat
Suzanne Savelief
Todosch Schlopsnies
Maryam oskouei
Amirali Ghasemi

and special installation from Parkingallery collection with works by
Monir (Shahroudi) Farmanfarmaian
Fereydoun Ave
Mojtaba Amini
Shirin Sabahi
Hossein Zenderoudi
Fatemeh Naraghi
Matteo Rovesciato
and Late John Matevousian

Music performance by
Arash Lotfi
Martin Shamoonpour
Reza Kolaghani
Todosch Schlopsnies
and guests…