My calm Town by Amirali Mohebbinejad

Amirali Mohebbinejad’s My Calm Town is a an experimental film realized in 2008.
It addresses a global issue, how the media can project certain images, distorting them to cast shadows of conflict, terror and the threat of war. Incidents which are subject to happen anywhere in world, whenever tensions are needed to arise. The moving images are appropriated from high definition footages from residential villas in an unknown city suburbs in Latin America,  shot by a cameraman which was sent there by the commission of an Iranian mega construction company. The brief was to shoot beautiful images which later can be shown to the engineers whom are being sent by the company, encouraging them to live and work in bilateral projects overseas. Mohebbinejad created a contradictory soundscape for these footages, while giving them a 8mm old movie look. Static and peaceful frames possibly shot from a tripod where actually not much happening in them.
He writes:

[this is about] Magnifying the contrast between real events and the deceiving, beautified and distorted output of reality, given by the media, by proposing contrast between sound and image.
This is about reproducing the reality and representing it as an original.
This is about not having trust on media.
This is to question the “Truth”.

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