Worn Out Mirrors: A report of a condition : Amir Bastan at Parkingallery Projects

Poster by Amirali Ghasemi and Amir Bastan,Parkingallery Studio

Amir Bastan in his Debut Solo Show at parkingallery Projects shares his latest project Worn out mirrors with drawings, photographs and video installation.

The show opened Friday June 8th 2012 and it’s on till Monday 11th. 4-8 pm.

Still from Worn out Mirrors-Candle, Amir Bastan, 2012

He writes:

Worn Out Mirrors is a series of works, which is the outcome of a specific phase of time around the question of: to what extend a meaning could be elaborated or expanded?

It explores the definitions of reality, art, and the mental disorder that the artist was getting help with in his personal life. The artist’s psychic struggles is the first thing these series communicates with the viewer. In other words, these series of works were a research to find out about one’s ‘self’ embedded but hidden under his delusions and amalgamated mixed feelings about his being.