On (photo) paper, Without Name at parkingallery projects

On (photo) paper, Without Name, poster designed by Amirali Ghasemi

On (photo)¬†paper, Without Name is parkingallery’s 2nd group show based on an open call and the anonymity of the participants … this time after the first successful show, On paper, Without Name, which happened in Nov 2011. the exhibition is dedicated to photography. Participants were asked to submit a 30×45 cm photograph each. they are also encouraged to swap their images and the prices were kept fixed and at an affordable rate of only 25 euros. The show opened on Thursday 15th of March 2012 and will be on for two weeks by¬†appointment.
Please write to info@parkingallery.com or call +9821 88977343 to book.
Other calls will be published in the near future for upcoming projects … so stay tuned, and Happy New Iranian Year to Everybody.