Factory’s Garden, a report and an exhibition at Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran

Factory’s Garden project is an exhibition and a visual report of a group site spesific action in an abandoned wool Factory in Yazd. Mohsen Gallery hosts this multimedia and photography exhibition from 15 -29 July, 2011.

Factory's Garden
Factory's Garden, logo designed by Behrad Javanbakht

Mojtaba Amini, Golrokh Boroumandi, Hamed Rashtian, Parvin Shokri, Iman Safaie, Nastaran Safaie, Ali Samadpour, Negar Farajiani, Amirali Ghasemi
Curated by Negar Farajiani

Initiated by the Negar Farajiani, she invited 8 other artists to join her in a journey to her childhood’s play ground, factory’s Garden, a place to play, live and work… Each of them used various materials and technics to realize their ideas and create their installation, from tiny to large scale interventions, installations using found objects on site to sound performance.

She writes:

The factory was the iron heart of a green, wonderful garden. In the daylight people worked there and afternoon it was a place for us to wonder and roam through hallucinating, dark chambers full of shadowy silent machines. On the other side, you could hear the voices of children playing under shadows of cypresses and pomegranates. The garden around factory was a symbolic place for us to escape from the city, especially in hot summer days. We endured the warm of the day by playing in the cool water of swimming pool, and in falls and winters we played hide and seek behind the bushes and old walls of the factory, or drawing figures on the salty soil with branches of pomegranate tree. The factory was full, the workers spent whole time of the day inside the building and came back to their houses tired and dusty, and all of them were full of memories of the trees and pools of the garden.

We came back to the factory many years later, and there were no workers anywhere, there were no noisy machines and trees of the garden. But we played again. We started a new game.

The exhibition is on view from 15th to 29th of July 2011, from 4-8 pm, daily expect the Thursdays
a Panel discussion will be held  with the presence of the artists on 25th of July, 6-8 pm.

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