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Neshan Magazine Cover no 22
Cover of Neshan Magazine Issue 22

We are happy to let you know that Parkingallery website has been featured in 22nd issue of Neshan magazine in an article showcasing a selection of Iranian websites, Sasan Bahzadi in his bilingual review “Design with objectives” writes :

… Designing websites, even the advanced ones, has long been prevalent in our country but just recently has taken on a more professional appearance and evolved from being exhibitory to being more applicable.
The reason for this advancement is the new collaboration between web designers and programmers. In the past, aesthetics were the only key aspect to web design but with the Internet’s gradual change (from a mere visual medium to a multi-media network) other qualities such as site efficiency, innovation and dynamism have become more prominent in prompting designers and programmers for teamwork.
In the last few years in Iran, by comparing the quality of multimedia, website development with global advancement and development of the Internet, though remarkable, but far from maturity.
The following introduced websites were selected based on 4 qualities: design, innovation, applicability and content attribution.

Behzadi also briefly reviews Parkingallery website along other outstanding examples like the website of Aun Gallery , to a more minimal informative one page portal Tehraner and a conceptual web project like Bloob :

The Parkingallery website is a showcase to introduce young Iranian artists. Simple design and thorough contents have turned this site into a reference source to assess the pulse of unconventional artists. The site’s English-only version indicates its owners’ tendency to introduce artists to galleries abroad. Personal web logs giving it an informative nature inspire the design. The existing links on the right side of every page provides easy navigation to different sections such as projects, exhibitions and the artist’ sites. Users can write their opinion about every project but unfortunately only in English. Parkingallery, with its simple but beautiful design and up-to-date materials, is worth spending some time browsing through.

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