I’ll never be the same…Iranian videos from Tehran and elsewhere

I’ll never be the same…
Iranian videos from Tehran and elsewhere
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Sona Safaei | Alphabet | 1:30

Payam Mofidi | Shaer Koshi (Poèticide) | 10:45
Farid Jafari Samarghandi | Lips & Crazy Eyes (for Series 1234 for love) | 5:52
Amirali Navaee | As I Was Leaving My City | 3:00
Elham Doust Haghighi | One Stupid Idea | 5:17
Ahmad Zolfagharian | Under Destruction | 2:00
Nassrin Nasser | Untitled | 3:43

Toronto, Paris, Tehran, London and Stockholm. These are where the creators of these videos and short films are geographically located in, what ties them together? The journey begins with letters; A moment of suspense, while we know it won’t last long, leads us to fragile moments of a young girl’s dream, driven to a trance where its performers are only known by their lips and their eyes; The trip continues with a cheerful and at the same time tragic dance moves of a restless soul transporting us along the sidewalk of an unknown city. Moving back in time, we encounter an alternative story of Creation while we long for a solution of our own everyday crisis. Playing it cool for 2 minutes, the wicked joy of an endless computer game is enough to bring us back to the reality of the virtual world. Where we are free to choose to get on board surfing the waves of a music video or to get hypnotized like its character’s daily struggle with death. We will never be the same…

Amirali Ghasemi, Nov 2010, Tehran

Video Cube at Contemporary Istanbul
Nov 25-28, 2010
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